The ebb and flow system in hydroponics is the most modern cultivation method for potplant production. High-tech greenhouses, rigorous environmental standards and the desire for optimum efficiency and flexibility make the ebb & flow principle the most attractive on the market.

Danish Hydro Tray

The fundamental principle of hydroponics relies on fertilized and aerated water which provides both nutrition and oxygen to a plant's root zone. Because of this, Danish Hydro Tray is only using the best, 100% food approved materials for the production of the trays.

The Danish Hydro Trays have been manufactured in the best quality high impact polystyrene since 1984. Over the years the trays have been thoroughly tested in connection with fertilisers, the influence of fluctuating temperatures, Ultraviolet radiation, and ordinary day-to-day wear in modern greenhouses.

Best quality

This knowhow is applied to the ongoing improvement and optimization of our products so they are indisputably of the best quality in the industry today. The Danish Hydro Trays are manufactured with the help of the latest and fully automated vacuum molding machines optimized for the production of the trays. The production is robot operated and is monitored by specialized personnel that have many years of experience guaranteeing a uniform product of the highest quality. The Danish Hydro Trays allow optimal space utilization. Because of the unique extension possibilities the trays can easily be extended to any size needed.

Danish Hydro Tray also supplies rolling benches

The benches are ideally suitable for both small and large nurseries. The benches allow optimal space utilization and provide a comfortable working height. The rolling benches can easily be put together without any welding joints.


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