3 year warranty

Danish Hydro Tray has a 3 year warranty on our whole range of trays provided the following conditions are followed.
The compensation is replacement of the tray. The trays normally last in about 15 years at normal use in a greenhouse.

1. Usage

The bench trays are only used inside green houses covered with UV-absorbing material as i.e. glass or in closed growrooms.

2. Sunlight

The bench trays are covered if left empty for longer time in sunlight (24 hours).

3. Production

The bench trays are only used for plant- or similar production.

4. Fertilizer/ chemicals

No Fertilizer/ chemicals exceeding normal use in a pot plant production is used.

5. Maximum weight

The bench trays are max. loaded with 70 kg per m2 evenly distributed over the whole tray.

6. Temperature

The bench trays are NOT exposed to temperatures higher than 60 degrees C (surface temp).

7. Bench frames

The bench trays are installed in bench frames which protects the tray edge everywhere.

8. Damage

The bench tray construction contains no screws, rivets or other sharp items that can damage the bench trays.

9. Tray support

The bench trays are sub-supported per max. 500 mm.

10. Installation

The bench trays are installed in the bench construction in such way that they can ”work” at temperature differences.

11. Glue

That only the stated type and amount of glue is used as described.